Our priority is the attention.
The one that our clients need require.
The one that every sent or recieved cargo needs in every step of the process.
The one that will bring security and control.
The one that takes us to excellence.

Our major goal is to make of Panamerican Cargo a synonymous of leadership in logistics and distribution; and we wish to prove that in every project.


Panamerican Cargo is run by professionals in International Trade and we count with an experienced group, who efficientrly coordinates a complete and integral business on logistics in external commerce.

Our Company is known by producers and exporters all over the country, who struggle to achieve the best result in their products. Besides importers all over the world and our agents network who collaborate in the process of international transport displaying all the benfits of a safe service to loaders and addressers, not only when the goods are on board, but also when they are delivered.

We are fully aware of how important transport and logistics is within our customer's business and that's what our self demand is based on. The same self damand that allows us to guarantee our service, keeping attention to the details, our organization and client's needs.

As an international logistics operator, our Company has constant access to worldwide air traffic control, offering a wide availability, frequency in the ships and improving the traffic timetables.